H-2B Programme

H-2B Programme
Our H-2B Program offers temporary employment and Cultural Exchange for participants in the United States of America. The H-2B visa is available to employers of foreign non-professionals, not working in the agricultural field. This visa is only available for work that is temporary in nature. For H-2B purposes, that means:

– Recurring seasonal need;
– Intermittent need;
– Peak-load need; and
– One time occurrence.

The length of the programme usually is ten (10) months however by the request of the employer the programme may go up to three (3) years. The program operates under the US Department of States exchange visitor visa; which allows persons to work legally in the US.

Jobs available are usually in the unskilled sector of work in the Jobs are available across a wide range sectors such as the Hotel and Restaurant Industry and can be in any of the fifty mainland states of America. We will ensure all participants receive and sign Job contracts which will include specific start and end dates, wages while in the USA, accommodation arrangements unless otherwise stipulated, transportation and uniform details, as well as any other specific requirements from employers.

Participants MUST have a clean Criminal Record and be willing to work in unskilled jobs as approved by the US Department of State.

The benefits of the programme are for participants to learn about the American culture; as well as to share your own culture and represent Jamaica. One other benefit is also that you get to internationalize your resume.