About Us

Laconic Cultural Work and Travel is a private, Non Government organization designed and established to provide expert,dynamic and satisfactory Cultural, Travel and Work Solutions for students at the tertiary level and young adults. The founders are past participants of Cultural Excahnge Programs and have shared their fantastic and uplifting experience of learning about different cultures, languages and customs of other countries through international education and the work and travel program.

Our aim at Laconic Cultural is to make our clients priority by providing the best customer service though a friendly but professional environment.


ï‚· To provide the best customer service there is to our clients in a professional and respective manner.

ï‚· To offer priceless, long lasting cultural exchanges to participants

ï‚· To be a source of cultural enrichment for the participants as well as the working environment


ï‚· To be a medium through which students build their social network by making new friends with people from all over the world.

ï‚· A chance to experience a different culture in a foreign country.

ï‚· A chance to gain valuable cultural experience during travel.